Menstrual cup Mini

Size Mini
For the first years of menstruation

Menstrual cup Normal

Size Normal
For light to normal flow (suitable for most)

Menstrual cup Plus

Size Plus
For heavy to very heavy flow

Menstrual cup Mini - Blue Sapphire

Size Mini
For the first years of menstruation

Menstrual cup Normal - Blue Sapphire

Size Normal
For light to normal flow (suitable for most)

Menstrual cup Plus - Blue Sapphire

Size Plus
For heavy to very heavy flow

Normal Transparent and a Dude giftbox

Make it a gift! One MonthlyCup Normal Transparent and one Dude giftbox.

Plus Transparent and a Dude giftbox

Make it a gift! One MonthlyCup Plus Transparent and one Dude giftbox.

Mini Transparent and a Dude Giftbox

Make it a gift! One MonthlyCup Mini Transparent and one Dude giftbox.

Donate a menstrual cup

Donate a menstrual cup to someone who really needs it.

Menstrual cup Mini - Pink Topaz

Size Mini
For the first years of menstruation

Menstrual cup Normal - Pink Topaz

Size Normal
For light to normal flow (suitable for most)

Menstrual cup Plus - Pink Topaz

Size Plus
For heavy to very heavy flow

Team MonthlyCup

Founder and CEO

Lisa Perby

Our founder and CEO, Lisa Perby, mother of two and married to our co-founder Martin.
Never thought she would work with menstrual cups as she was a happy tampon user once in a while (that quickly passed when she tried her first menstrual cup).
When she, a couple of years later, discovered the freedom with using a menstrual cup, the idea of producing her own cups came to mind. On the her son's first birthday, July 9, 2015, the first menstrual cups made in Sweden were released – MonthlyCup! Ever since then, the journey continues straight up!
Founder and IT manager

Martin Perby

Co-founder, married to Lisa and a technical genius. Martin have built our website and ensures that it works smoothly for our customers. If you have any technical concerns, whether it being about a power outlet, broadband or home pages – call Martin!
“I'm very proud of my wife, and how she has managed to spread the word about menstrual cups!”
Vice President and Quality Manager

Erika Boström

Erika has been working with us since 2015 and was one of our first employees. At first, she worked only 10% as social media responsible, and has now taken on a completely different role as Quality Manager (yes, we follow the legislation for medical devices) and handles our Quality Management System. Besides that, she is our Vice President. Indispensable is the word!
“I've never talked so much about periods before, and never would I have thought that it could be so much fun!”
Key Account Manager

Margaretha Jepson

Margaretha is our eminent seller who has made sure that we are present at over 1100 (!) resellers! With confidence and knowledge, she guides our resellers with all their questions. Outstanding is just her first name!
“I love my job!”
Export Manager

Christian Erlandsson

Our new star seller who has his aim set for the United States. Christian is a great asset to us, and he has knowledge in sales and business development. He is not afraid to help out where needed, whether it regards furnishing or advanced presentations.
“MonthlyCup – let's go worldwide!”
Social media Manager

Cecilia Lindberg

Cecilia takes care of our social medias and has a fantastic creative ability! She creates pictures and movies for all our accounts; Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus etc. In short, Cecilia is outstanding!
“To be able to use my creative ability to help others is incredibly inspiring! ”
Social Medias

Isabelle Svensson

Isabelle is the one to lean on regarding social medias. She finds interesting articles to share, creates awesome campaign photos, and most importantly: takes care of our customers and answer their questions. Her ability to help customers in an educational and interesting way is absolutely amazing!
“Statement from this person”
Customer Service Manager

Josefin Börgesen

Josefin's lovely voice (that she is from the North of Sweden does not make matters worse!) is what you hear when you call us. She answers all your questions via e-mail and phone. Even when the mailbox is overflowing, Josefin takes her time to get all in order – organized is a mild way to put it. Our star, as we say.
“To each day make a difference for the environment means a great deal for me!”
Warehouse Manager

Ewa Norrmén

Responsible for the warehouse. Everything from cups, to envelopes, to pallets. A woman with a big heart, who makes sure that all customers and resellers get their products in time! One of our two heroes at the warehouse.
“When I'm free, I can't wait until its time for work again. ”
Warehouse employee

Ann-Louise Andersson (Anne)

Anne is our second warehouse member! When orders come in hundreds, Anne keeps calm and grazes them methodically so everyone gets what they have ordered. One of our heroes at the warehouse!
“I sometimes wish that I were still on my period so that I could try this amazing product!”

Armin Fetahovic

Armin is one of the two who works with IT at MonthlyCup. Everything from building our website to systems that make it easier for warehouse management and applications. A great asset!
“IT is needed everywhere!”

Together we have saved the earth 18127723 pads and tampons

On average, you will use 12,000 pads and tampons during a lifetime - or SEVEN menstrual cups.
That makes a great difference for landfills around the world.

Learn about our work in developing countries

Meet Team MonthlyCup