Using the MonthlyCup is so easy!

Here is how to do it

Before first use your cup shall be boiled. This can be done either in a pot on your stove, or by using the Microwave bag.

Step 1: Open your microwave bag and pour 60ml (2 oz) of water.

Step 2: Add your menstrual cup.

Step 3: Seal the bag tightly.

Step 4: Heat according to the highest power of your microwave.
- 1,5 minutes at > 1100 W
- 3 minutes 800–1100 W
- 5 minutes 600–750 W

Step 5: Allow the bag to cool down for at least 3 minutes before taking it out from the microwave. Use the Safe Zone-grip!

Step 6: Pour the water through the steam vent. Your menstrual cup is now clean and ready to use!

Step 7: Fold the cup using the folding technique that you prefer. The picture shows the C-fold.

Step 8: Insert the cup and make sure that is opens up properly. You can push and pull a little, move your finger around the rim of the cup or, spin the cup to make sure that it has opened up.

Step 9: Now you have 12 hours to do exactly what you want to!

Good luck!

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