Menstrual Cup

MonthlyCup Normal - Blue Azurite Limited Edition!

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Size warranty
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Made in Sweden
Size warranty
Free shipping
Made in Sweden

Size Normal
For light to heavy flow - suitable for most

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43 mm in diameter
55 mm without knob
65 mm with knob
Holds 22 ml up to the holes
Size normal holds 22 ml. During an average period, there is normally about 100 ml, so this suits the very, very most people.


-Can't feel when it's sitting correctly.
-Collects the period instead of absorbing it.
- Does not leak when inserted correctly
-You can sleep with it.
-Made of soft silicone for medical use.
-You don't have to wear bandages, tampons and panty liners.


- Usually it needs to be emptied 2-4 times per day.
- You can swim, practice sleeping and do whatever you want despite your period.
- You don't need to bring an extra number, but ONE is enough.
- MonthlyCup has a rounded knob at the bottom that does not need to be cut and therefore does not rub.

Environmentally friendly

- Reusable for up to 5 years.
- A menstrual cup replaces approx. 1,600 pads and tampons.
- Does not release a lot of chemicals either during manufacturing or burning.
- During a lifetime, it only takes 7 menstrual cups in comparison with approx. 12,000 pads and tampons.

Customer Reviews


You are awesome and you have helped me to a better life. No need to carry around tampons, panty liners or to always bleed through because of useless tampons.


Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary! I recently started using a menstrual cup and the only thing that I'm sad about is that I didn't
start with this sooner. It's amazingly great in every way!


Thank you for caring about the environment, the body and the wallet! Amazing qualities.

Together we have saved the earth 82843806 pads and tampons

On average, you use 12,000 tampons and pads in a lifetime - or SEVEN menstrual cups.
It makes a huge difference to the world's garbage!

Learn about our work in developing countries


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