Frequently Asked Questions


What is a crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is an investment form in which a large group of individuals enter small sums to fund a business. Both individuals and companies can now become part-owners in MonthlyCup Partners AB (publ).

Why do you make a share issue?

A crowdfunding means that we will receive liquid funds in the company to carry out the growth that we have begun. As a small company, growth is very expensive, therefore, MonthlyCup chooses to carry out a share issue to be able to continue expansion at the rate that we want.

What will you use the money for?

Mainly to develop our new products, the incontinence product and menstrual panties. We will also strengthen marketing and sales for continued international expansion.

How many shares can I buy?

In this issue, 250,000 shares are released and will be sold in units of 11. You can buy as many units as you want, provided that they have not sold out. The subscription period extends from November 3, 2023 to April 7, 2024. So watch out!

In what company am I investing?

In MonthlyCup Partners AB (publ). The shares that you can buy are released in the company called MonthlyCup Partners AB (publ) which in turn will own 34.6% of Monthly of Sweden AB when the issue (share sale) is completed, provided that this issue is fully subscribed. However, this issue covers only 25.8% of the total 34.6% at full subscription. If you want to read more about the group, go to

What is the investment price?

The investment price is SEK 100 per B share, i.e. a total of SEK 1100 (approximately 110 EUR) for a stock item of 11 shares.

When is the last day to make an investment?

On April 7, 2024.

What is the number of shares in the offering?

The new issue consists of 250,000 B shares.

When and where can I see my shares?

At NOTE! This can only be done after they have been regulated by the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

When can I expect a dividend to my investment?

We expect to be able to repay the investment over a five-year plan. An investment in MonthlyCup is expected to yield a good return in the long term and should not be seen as a short-term investment.

How do I buy shares?

You log on to website and buy the shares directly through our website. Payment is made immediately.

How do I sell my shares?

The shares will not be admitted to trading on any regulated market or MTF. However, you can always transfer or sell your shares on your own initiative to a person or company that wants to buy them. However, with the reservations contained in the Articles of Association found in the memorandum.

Do I get the right to vote?

One B share entitles the holder to one vote at the AGM - so, yes, you will be given the right to vote.

How do I get long-term yields on my shares?

The company expects initially, to not make any profits. Within 5 years we expect the return to increase and that the investment will be repaid. Initially, because we will incur high costs in connection with our expansion. Overall, the company's profits will be distributed evenly to shareholders in the form of dividends. In addition, the shares are worth the price someone is willing to pay for them - if the company makes a goos profit, the willingness to pay more if someone wants to buy your shares, increases.

How do I buy someone else's shares?

All shares are available in the company's share register. The share book is according to Swedish law a public document that anyone can access. The shareholders' book shows who owns each share. Thereafter, contact can be made on its own initiative to other shareholders to show such interest. This can not happen before the share issue is completed. When that happens, one has to take into consideration the company's current Articles of Association with reservation for such transfers.

Can I buy shares together with anyone?

No - ONE physical or legal person owns the shares that are bought. If you'll want to buy shares with someone, you'll have to do it in turns, indicating different owners at each purchase.

Can I give shares to someone?

Yes. For example, you can represent your children or a company when buying shares. Be sure to indicate who the owner is of such purchase. Any transfers made after the purchase - at a later date - can only be transferred in accordance with the Articles of Association, found in the memorandum.

How do I pay my shares?

Our payment methods will be clearly specified on the website. Payment is made immediately in connection with purchase.

In the event of a full subscription, MonthlyCup Partners AB (publ) owns 34.6% of MonthlyCup AB

Ownership in the MonthlyCup Group is based on the amount of capital that is attributable through the share issue. If this share issue is only subscribed to 50%, the relationship in ownership between MonthlyCup Partners AB (publ) and MonthlyCup AB will also be affected in accordance to that.

Is it correct that you value the company at SEK 61 million?

The company is valued on the menstrual cup market's expected growth over the next five years - as well as our new business areas and their potential. Two major investors have entered at the same level.


Are you aiming to listen the company on the stock exchange in any foreseeable future?

The journey towards an IPO has begun. Questions about buying and selling shares in MonthlyCup Partners AB (publ) come in at regular intervals and when we are not on the stock exchange, it is more difficult to handle these matters. We believe that more people would have wanted to be part of us if it were easier to buy shares and have therefore decided to take the company to the stock exchange within a few years. As I said, the work is already underway, but we are moving slowly.

Can I trade your shares through my bank, Avanza, Nordnet or similar platforms?

No, you can only do that in listed companies. We are an unlisted company that is not traded through an open market. This is mainly due to the fact that the cost of complying with the legal requirements of such a company is not proportional to the company's current size.

How can I follow the development of my shares / trade my shares if it is not included in open markets?

We are a public but unlisted company. This means that we can – publicly – announce about the sale of shares, but we can and will not trade the shares on an open trading platform. The initial reason for this is that the costs of complying with the legal requirements would exceed the value of the services in such a relatively small company.

However, anyone may sell their shares freely to anyone who want to buy their shares. The same principles apply as if dealing with any other sales item. However, there is a duty of notification in which the board must approve the transfer and the transfer must follow the company's Articles of Association.

Could I loose my money, or be forced into further deposits?

You can never loose more than you have invested, even if the company's development does not go as planned. Nor can you ever be forced into making further investments in the future. However, you may be entitled to subscribe for new shares before others in the case of a new issue, as stated in the Articles of Association.

Will there be any additional costs, beyond the cost of the shares?

No, you will only be paying for the share price. However, there are costs for, for example, card transactions, but these costs are charged to MonthlyCup Partners AB (publ) and are included in the costs of the share issue.

Can I get my investment back?

On the other hand, upon full subscription, you get to share in 34.6% of the company's profit if a dividend is paid out. For one thing, when you no longer want to own the share, you can hand it over to someone you find yourself who wants to buy it - and then agree on the price of the share yourself.

What are the shares worth?

The share issue is only ongoing for a limited time. During that time one share is worth SEK 100 (approximately 10 EUR). After that time, one share is worth the agreed price between buyer and seller. Suppose that you own 20 shares that you bought for SEK 1000 - and that your neighbour also want to own shares. Then you and your neighbour can agree that if you sell 5 of your shares for SEK 50 a piece, you will receive SEK 250 for 5 shares. One share is always worth what a buyer and seller agrees upon.

Such a transfer must be approved by the Board and shall comply with the Articles of Association.

How do I unsubscribe from email/text messages?

According to GDPR, we are obliged to always offer the opportunity through a link at the end of each SMS/email. If you have a problem with your cancellation, please contact our customer support and we will assist you.

I read that I will have a 20 % discount in the webshop - where can I find that code?

This code is only generated when The Swedish Companies Registration Office has approved the share issue and the registration of the shares.

When will I receive a receipt for my investment?

1. In connection with payment, you will receive a text message confirming that we have received your interest.
2. Then we need to review your interest so that there is nothing that could affect your ability to invest (for example, if you pay taxes in the United States - you can not invest with us).
3. After reviewing this (it will take a couple of days), you will receive a confirmation of the email you provided in connection with the investment.
4. When the shares are registered with the Swedish Companies Agency, you will finally receive a settlement note. Meanwhile, the confirmation under No. 3 applies as accounting documents (if necessary).

What benefits do I get from investing in Monthly of Sweden?

+ You will recieve a 20% discount on all products in our webshop for a full year - the discount code will be handed out when the shares are registered at the Swedish Companies Agency.

+ You will have access to our partner pages where we will gather opinions about product development, news, recruitment, and more.

+ You may vote at the Annual General Meeting.

+ You will receive part of the company's profit (dividend) if this happens.

More benefits are found in our memorandum on the partners pages.

Where will I see my shares when I have made an investment?

Firstly, you will receive a confirmation of your purchase - see above - then you will be able to follow your shares on our partner pages as soon as the share issue is registered with the Swedish Companies Agency.

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