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Conditions générales de vente-Fly
Conditions générales de vente-Fly
Conditions générales de vente-Fly
Conditions générales de vente-Fly
Conditions générales de vente-Fly

Conditions générales de vente

Conditions générales de vente-Fly

Conditions générales de vente


By purchasing our products and/or services, you agree to the following terms and conditions. With signing off on a subscription service and similar purchases, any changes made in these agreements may be implemented through distribution of information via the email address that was used for registration at the beginning of the service. The consent in this agreement is between the buyer and MonthlyCup Holding AB (org nr: 559119-7727) and its daughter company, from here on referred to as MonthlyCup.

Age limit

To make a purchase via our web shop you need to be of age in the country you reside in. In general, the age limit is 18 years. Exception applies for individuals under age that make purchases in the company of a legal guardian.

Discount codes

Special terms may occur in connection with issued discount codes. Every discount code is strictly limited to one use per purchase and person. Discount codes are not valid for subscription services unless otherwise stated in the discount offer.

General information

You insure that you only leave valid information about yourself when you place an order with us. You insure that the credit card you use for purchases via our webpage is your own. We reserve the right to make spelling errors and mis-specifications on our webpage. If you are affected by these mistakes you will be contacted and given information on the issue. We reserve the right to make changes in prices and eventual lack of stock. These terms and conditions may be changed at any given time without previous notification.

About personal information

We save information about your full name, your physical address, your email address, your phone number, your IP-address, social security number and your ID-number to complete your payment. Our product is classified as a medical technical product and due to safety reasons we need to be able to track which customers have purchased our products if eventualities occur where there is an issue with a certain batch of sold products. Provided that you as a customer have not waived the right, we also save your information for future contact regarding news and offers. Your personal information is saved until further notice. By contacting our customer service through optional contact route, you as a customer can request that your information will not be used for any other reason than to aid in offering you your right to product warranty and for medical technical safety reasons. All employees of MonthlyCup and its fellow companies, that work with our main product has access to your personal information. In regard to payment information, a third party will be given access to information that is of relevance in finalizing payments.

Information about right of withdrawal.

According to the Distans- och hemförsäljningslagen, you as a consumer (this right does not apply to companies) have the right to withdraw from the agreement by notifying us within 14 days from receiving the product. To ensure that you will be able to use your right of withdrawal, you need to return your purchased item in undamaged condition, in its original, unbroken plastic bag. Because the menstrual cup is a hygiene product we will not be able to accept your returned item if the bag is opened. When using the right to withdrawal the customer will pay for the return shipping costs.

Delivery times

Ordered products are normally shipped within 1-2 working days from our warehouse. In special cases where longer packing times may occur, this information will be given via our webpage. Products are normally packed and shipped in envelopes and there for we cannot guarantee any specific delivery time due to differences in the distance to the customer. Ordered products are not shipped from the warehouse until payment is received in accordance to terms of payments for the purchase.

Payment terms and conditions

MonthlyCup offer a selection of payment options via our webpage. When choosing an invoice option, MonthlyCup has the right to implement 1-30 days payment time for every individual purchase. In case of extra fees, this will be visible when choosing a payment option. In connection with purchase we may run a credit check.

Area of use

MonthlyCup erbjuder flera olika betalsätt genom vår hemsida. Vid fakturabetalning har MonthlyCup möjlighet att tillämpa från 1 – 30 dagars betaltid vid varje individuellt köptillfälle. Avgift för varje vald betalmetod framgår vid köptillfället. I samband med betalning kan vi genomföra en kreditupplysning.



The cost of shipping is stated and specified at each individual purchase.

Packaging, delivery and first use

The menstrual cup is transported in a cloth bag upon delivery. The cloth bag is located inside a stamped cardboard box. Information must be available on the box and in separate leaflets inside the box. The product should be boiled in water or sterilized by means of a microwave bag before first use.

Reclamation in case of faulty goods

Must be done within 3 months of receiving of the product.

About size warranty

You as a customer are offered a size warranty and the opportunity to change your menstrual cup to a cup of another size within 6 months from the date the menstrual cup was ordered. In order for size warranty to apply, contact our customer service and get a return address where you send your menstrual cup. You only pay for the return of your menstrual cup. A new menstrual cup will be sent only after we receive the returned menstrual cup.

Current price picture on website

Prices that appear on our website may differ from the prices of our retailers. We do not offer compensation concerning issues regarding price differences between websites and other retailers. By law, we may not affect our dealers' prices to their customers.


All purchases made through MonthlyCup comply with Swedish law, regardless of where the purchase is made. Disputes are dealt with in the Swedish court with Halmstad District Court as the first instance.

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