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One menstrual cup at a time

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We hereby welcome you to invest in MonthlyCup

As an investor, you'll get access to our unique investor portal with favorable discounts, news and offers. At first, you are awarded a unique discount code that gives you a 20% discount on all of our products online. The longterm idea is to provide a compensation to you, when your discount code have been used.

Through our investor portal, you will have the opportunity to directly influence the company's future. We will publish news that is not yet publicly available - we will also ask you for help and advice, ranging from developing our products to employing the right people. We want to build a community where we together strive for the best possible growth.

An investment in MonthlyCup is covered (by your request) by investment deductions. Give support to female entrepreneurs and invest in MonthlyCup today! It's fast and easy and, we are here to answer any questions that you may have.

MonthlyCup Partners AB (publ), the journey has only just begun.

We want to give millions of menstruating the chance to a better life and the opportunity to build on a truly sustainable company. Provide better economy, environment, health and freedom through a product that is so superior that it cannot be stopped.

Did you know that:

- One menstrual cup cost 29,9 EUR and lasts for 5 years. Traditional menstrual protections, for the same time-period, would cost you around 300 EUR.

- In average, one person menstruates for about 2,500 days in her life. During this time she uses 12,000 pads and tampons, or 7 menstrual cups.

- Menstrual cups are offering the market its most environmentally conscious alternative. Traditional period protections - pads and tampons - often consists of cotton. According to WWF, during the production of 1 kilogram of cotton, the water quantity could be as high as 29,000 litres. Besides, traditional menstrual protections contributes to landfill to an estimated of 3,750 tonnes of garbage each year, in Sweden alone.

- Many women who uses traditional protections are limited from doing what they want - whenever they want to. With a menstrual cup, you can swim, exercise, sleep and go to the toilet without having to even think about your period.

Good opportunities for a great return

Each year, alongside our competitors worldwide, we double in revenue as we take market shares from traditional menstrual protection companies.

Today you can find our product all over the world!
Ww already have over 1500 retailers in 15 countries and the plan is to keep on growing.

When we started in 2014, only 1,000 menstrual cups were sold, in comparison with over 50 000 menstrual cups in 2018. We have every reason to believe that the trend will persist and expect to be able to repay the investment over a five-year plan.

Come with us and change the world – invest in MonthlyCup today!

Make your investment today - the window for investment is only open between February 1st and June 30th, 2019. If you have any questions, please read our FAQ (button below), the memorandum with detailed terms and conditions (button above at movie) or contact us directly at

Welcome as partner in MonthlyCup Partners AB (publ)!

Together we have saved the earth 41479357 pads and tampons

On average, you will use 12,000 pads and tampons during a lifetime - or SEVEN menstrual cups.
That makes a great difference for landfills around the world.

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