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MonthlyCup Complete Cleaning kit
The complete cleaning kit for your menstrual cup!

289 TL

MonthlyCup Wash
MonthlyCup Wash - when you want to treat your cup, your body and the environment with kindness.

129 TL

MonthlyCup Cleaning tablets 2pcs
WORLD NEWS - Efficient and kind cleaning for your menstrual cup!

95.99 TL

Microwave bag
Simplified cleaning of your menstrual cup.

69.99 TL

Donate a menstrual cup
Donate a menstrual cup to someone who really needs it.

269 TL

Donate a menstrual cup - get a beautiful bracelet.

Five years of care free periods for someone who really needs it. Thank you for contributing to a more equal world. Not having to worry about one's period is invaluable.

359 TL

MonthlyCup Pink Pouch
Even your cup deserves a fancy bag from time to time ;)

289 TL

MonthlyCup Wipes
Cleaning for your menstrual cup when you are on the go.

10 individually packaged disinfectant wipes.

69.99 ₤

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