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One menstrual cup at a time

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News in brief

- We have developed a new product for incontinence, a disease that affects every other woman at some point in life. The patent application for the new product was submitted yesterday and we expect to be launching Inconti during 2023.

- The work to make cloth pads and period panties has begun. Together with two other companies located in Halland, Sweden, we will make period panties with a twist. Launch is planned for 2022.

- The decision to go towards a stock exchange listing in the future has been made. The development with gender equality is too slow and we need more role models for women to dare to step up to these positions. As a company majority owned by women, with a female CEO and deputy CEO and working with women's health, it feels like the right step to start work towards a stock exchange listing.

We have saved the world 57,000,000 single-use protections, helped over 11.000 girls in developing countries to stay in school, have over 1.700 retailers in 15 countries, with the large chain Lindex most recently.

Join our journey and become a partner in the MonthlyCup. To read more - download our memorandum.

After the shares have been registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, you will be assigned a unique discount code that gives you a 20% discount on all products from our websites for an entire year .

An investment in MonthlyCup is covered (at your request) by investor deductions . Give your support to female entrepreneurs and invest in MonthlyCup today! It's fast and easy and we are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

MonthlyCup Partners AB (publ), the journey has only just begun.

For us, it has always been about more than
only menstrual cups.

We want to give millions of menstruating people the chance for a better life and the opportunity to build on a truly sustainable company. We offer better economy, care for the environment and health through a product that is so superior that it is unstoppable!

Did you know that:

  • A menstrual cup costs EUR 29,9 and lasts for 5 years - traditional menstrual protection during the same period would have cost about EUR 300.

  • An average woman has menstruation for about 2,500 days of her life. During this time, she uses an average of 12.000 sanitary napkins and tampons, or 7 menstrual cups.

  • Reduces CO2 emissions for menstrual protection per person from 8 kg to such low levels that it is not measurable.

  • Menstrual cups offer the market's most environmentally conscious alternatives. Bandages and tampons often contain cotton and according to WWF, up to 29.000 liters of water are used to produce 1 kilo of cotton. Not only that, the traditional menstrual pads cause an estimated 3,750 tonnes of rubbish per year, in Sweden alone. Not to mention the absurd amounts of plastic that disposable protection contains.

  • Many women who use traditional menstrual pads are restricted from doing what they want - whenever they want. With a menstrual cup, you can bathe, exercise, sleep and go to the toilet without having to think about menstrual protection.

Invest in true sustainability!

The market is growing every day and when we now choose to enter a new business area, the opportunities increase further. We see great potential for exponential growth as the category of sustainable menstrual protections only increases and MonthlyCup is at the forefront with manufacturing in Sweden.

Now YOU have the chance to join!

By investing in women's health, you contribute to a more sustainable world where girls and women are equal and free. We want to grow and at the same time make women's health a priority for everyone. YOU can make a difference.

MonthlyCup currently has central agreements with ICA and Coop, Lindex in both Sweden and Norway and Life Norway. We are also available at various eco and health stores around Europe, mainly online. In total, we have over 1.700 resellers in 15 countries. Our plan is to continue to grow and become one of the world's largest companies in reusable menstrual protection. Despite a tough year with Covid-19, we see more and more interesting players who are prepared to make sustainable choices for themselves and their customers. Reusable menstrual pads are also increasing in popularity, in all age groups but especially the younger generation.

The company launched its menstrual cups in 2015 and had constant growth until the pandemic. After a real drop during the pandemic, we have now once again turned to brighter figures.

Hang on and become a part of all the fantastic things we have in front of us!

Join us and improve the world - invest today!

Subscribe for your share today - the window is only open between December 4th, 2021 and May 8th, 2022. If you have any questions, you can read our FAQ (button below), the memorandum with detailed information and terms (button above for film) or contact us directly at or by phone 0200-125 065.

A warm welcome as a partner in MonthlyCup Partners AB (publ)

Together we have saved the earth 73994407 pads and tampons

On average, you will use 12,000 pads and tampons during a lifetime - or SEVEN menstrual cups.
That makes a great difference for landfills around the world.

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