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News in brief
Welcome to the exciting journey towards becoming one of the leading global companies in women's health! We strive to conquer the market and therefore we are expanding our offer by transforming ourselves into a full-fledged MedTech company and changing our name to Monthly of Sweden.

We are proud to present our latest innovation, a breakthrough product for incontinence. This condition affects every second woman at some point in her life, especially after pregnancy. We are now working intensively to secure the necessary medical technology certifications, and we expect a spectacular launch in 2025.

Our passion for innovation does not stop there. We have also started the development of cloth pads and menstrual roses. Through an exclusive license agreement with the prominent Swedish company HealthTextiles, we will use the revolutionary material Tortex, which gives our menstrual panties a natural antibacterial effect. Unlike many other manufacturers, who use silver coatings, we take a big step forward to create products that are even more hygienic and safe for women.

We have also made a decision that will take us to new heights and aim for a future IPO. Being a majority-owned company by women, with a female CEO and deputy CEO and a focus on women's health, we feel it is the perfect step for us to become role models and inspire more women to take up leadership positions. We are determined to open up new opportunities by starting our journey towards the stock exchange.

We are proud to have contributed to saving the planet by eliminating 75,000,000 disposable menstrual pads and helping over 17,000 girls in developing countries. Our products are now available in over 1,700 stores in 15 countries, primarily through central agreements with reputable retailers such as Coop and Lindex in Sweden and Norway.

During the months of April and May , we increased sales by 290% compared to the same months last year. In total, we have increased sales by over 50% compared to the previous business year.

When your shares have been registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, you will be assigned a unique discount code that gives you a full 20% discount on all our products on our websites for a whole year. It's our way of showing our appreciation and giving you the privilege of enjoying our quality products at affordable prices.
The investment opportunity is with MonthlyCup Partners AB (publ), which in turn invests in the parent company Monthly of Sweden AB. At your request, your investment in Monthly of Sweden can be covered by investor deductions. Support female entrepreneurs and invest in Monthly of Sweden!

MonthlyCup Partners AB (publ), the journey has only just begun.

For us, it has always been about more than
just menstrual cups.

We want to give millions of women the chance for a better life and the opportunity to build on a truly sustainable company. We offer better economy, concern for the environment and health through products that are so superior they are unstoppable!

Quick Facts:

  • Every second woman suffers from incontinence at some point - most after pregnancy - read more about our initiative Inconti in the memorandum higher up on the page.

  • The menstrual market is predicted to reach $280 million by 2026 - we are developing Monthly Wear, read more in the memorandum above.

  • Approximately 20% of the target group in Sweden today uses a menstrual cup.

  • Over 92% of those who have tried menstrual cups do not go back to disposable protection.

  • A menstrual cup reduces the Co2 emissions for menstrual protection per person from 8 kg to such low levels that it is not measurable.

  • Many women who use traditional menstrual protection are restricted from doing what they want - when they want. With a menstrual cup, you can bathe, exercise, sleep and go to the toilet without having to think about menstrual protection.

Invest in true sustainability!

The market is growing every day and when we now choose to enter a new business area, the opportunities increase further. We see great potential for exponential growth as the category of sustainable menstrual protections only increases and MonthlyCup is at the forefront with manufacturing in Sweden.

Now YOU have the chance to join!

By investing in women's health, you contribute to a more sustainable world where girls and women are equal and free. We want to grow and at the same time make women's health a priority for everyone. YOU can make a difference.

MonthlyCup currently has central agreements with ICA and Coop, Lindex in both Sweden and Norway and Life Norway. We are also available at various eco and health stores around Europe, mainly online. In total, we have over 1.700 resellers in 15 countries. Our plan is to continue to grow and become one of the world's largest companies in reusable menstrual protection. Despite a tough year with Covid-19, we see more and more interesting players who are prepared to make sustainable choices for themselves and their customers. Reusable menstrual pads are also increasing in popularity, in all age groups but especially the younger generation.

The company launched its menstrual cups in 2015 and had constant growth until the pandemic. After a real drop during the pandemic, we have now once again turned to brighter figures.

Hang on and become a part of all the fantastic things we have in front of us!

Join us and improve the world - invest today!

Subscribe your share today - the subscription window is only open between 18 June 2024 through 30 November 2024. If you have any questions, you can read our FAQ (button below), the memorandum with detailed conditions (button at the top of this page) or contact us directly at or by phone 0200-125 065.

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Together we have saved the earth 91025275 pads and tampons

On average, you use 12,000 tampons and pads in a lifetime - or SEVEN menstrual cups.
It makes a huge difference to the world's garbage!

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