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Simplified periods by MonthlyCup.
Do like thousand of others – change to a menstrual cup today!
MonthlyCup Plus
$ 36.99
Size Plus
For heavy to very heavy flow
MonthlyCup Normal
$ 36.99
Size Normal
For light to normal flow (suitable for most)
MonthlyCup Mini
$ 36.99
Size Mini
For the first years of menstruation
MonthlyCup Start kit - size Mini and Normal
$ 61.99
Regular price: $ 73.99
Looking for the best menstrual cup kit? Well look no further it's here!
MonthlyCup Start kit - size Plus and Normal
$ 61.99
Regular price: $ 73.99
When you "know your flow" menstrual cup kit
MonthlyCup Ultimate kit
$ 109
Regular price: $ 119
When you "don't know your flow" menstrual cup kit
Donate a menstrual cup
$ 22.99
Donate a menstrual cup to someone who really needs it.
MonthlyCup Complete Cleaning kit
$ 24.99
The complete cleaning kit for your menstrual cup!
MonthlyCup Wash
$ 10.99
MonthlyCup Wash - when you want to treat your cup, your body and the environment with kindness.
MonthlyCup Cleaning tablets 2pcs
$ 7.99
WORLD NEWS - Efficient and kind cleaning for your menstrual cup!
Microwave bag
$ 5.99
Simplified cleaning of your menstrual cup.

Together we have saved the earth 42337412 pads and tampons

On average, you will use 12,000 pads and tampons during a lifetime - or SEVEN menstrual cups.
That makes a great difference for landfills around the world.

Learn about our work in developing countries


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Team MonthlyCup