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Simplified periods by MonthlyCup.
Do like thousand of others – change to a menstrual cup today!
MonthlyCup Plus
2 829 Lek
Size Plus
For heavy to very heavy flow
MonthlyCup Normal
2 829 Lek
Size Normal
For light to normal flow (suitable for most)
MonthlyCup Mini
2 829 Lek
Size Mini
For the first years of menstruation
MonthlyCup starter kit - size Mini and Normal
5 679 Lek
Looking for the best menstrual cup kit? Well look no further it's here!
MonthlyCup Starter kit - size Plus and Normal
5 679 Lek
When you "know your flow" menstrual cup kit
MonthlyCup Ultimate kit
9 469 Lek
When you "don't know your flow" menstrual cup kit
Donate a menstrual cup
1 779 Lek
Donate a menstrual cup to someone who really needs it.
MonthlyCup Complete Cleaning kit
1 889 Lek
The complete cleaning kit for your menstrual cup!
MonthlyCup Wash
869 Lek
MonthlyCup Wash - when you want to treat your cup, your body and the environment with kindness.
MonthlyCup Cleaning tablets 2pcs
629 Lek
WORLD NEWS - Efficient and kind cleaning for your menstrual cup!
Microwave bag
459 Lek
Simplified cleaning of your menstrual cup.

Together we have saved the earth 37248626 pads and tampons

On average, you will use 12,000 pads and tampons during a lifetime - or SEVEN menstrual cups.
That makes a great difference for landfills around the world.

Learn about our work in developing countries


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Team MonthlyCup